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About Us


The combination of a struggling economy and an unfortunate incident can leave homeowners in more than just financial trouble. Many people are struggling with the reality of losing their home due to a tax or mortgage balance that they don’t have the means to satisfy. 

Our company’s purpose is to Change Lives, and help as many people who’ve  experienced a foreclosure or bankruptcy to claim and retrieve the overage money that is owed to them (or their heirs if deceased)

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Our company exists to locate people who are owed excess funds and support them by offering our service which is to process claims on their behalf, and do so on a contingency-fee basis. Contingency meaning we cover all upfront costs required to prepare, file, and submit a claim with the county/agency. Our clients do not pay us up front, and we don’t get paid until the client’s claim is paid out. We understand that sometimes bad situations happen to good people, and we want to help. There is still hope for getting back on your feet again, and with our support and guidance we will recover those excess funds that belong to you so that you can get the fresh start you deserve. It may seem daunting now but we are with you every step of the way. Give us a call if you’ve experienced a foreclosure, you may have funds available to you.