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If I Owed Money...

How Can I Be Owed Funds?


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The Property Is Foreclosed And There's A Balance Owed With The County.

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The County Holds An Auction And A Buyer Pays Well Over What You Owed.

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The County Deducts What You Owed From The Final Amount Paid By Auction Winner.

Flexible Payment Planning

The Difference Between What You Owed & What Was Paid At Auction Is Placed In An Account Until You Claim It.

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Why choose the community impact firm to file your claim?

 Simple! Our name says it all! Our mission is to impact the community by serving the people in it, by leveraging our own resources and legal team to file your claim and retrieve the overage funds that are due with no upfront cost to you. 

We work with people just like you who have experienced a tax or mortgage foreclosure to obtain any overage funds that resulted from a bidding war during the auction of your property. 



More often than you think buyers bid the price up on your previous property at auction. Fortunately for you the county department,mortgage lender, or any collector/creditor for that matter are only legally allowed to retain the balance that was owed by you. What does this mean? 

This means after an auction event takes place if the buyer paid ten dollars or ten thousand dollars over the amount you legally owed, then the county sets aside those overage funds in account for you until claimed. Why weren’t you made aware of this?

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The notices are forwarded to the last known addresses on file with the county or agency, and so therefore you will not receive the correspondence from the county if you have not provided your most up to date contact information. It is our job at the Community Impact Firm to locate previous owners and work with the county to file claims. Speak with one of our associates today to get the best team in the nation going to work to get the funds that belong to you!